About Us



                  Kelab UMNO Luar Negara South Australia (UMNOSA) or UMNO Club South Australia is a student welfare organization  that caters for all Malaysians living in South Australia. Generally, we are based in Adelaide, South Australia and the committee members are appointed among the students who lived in Adelaide. A new committee was formed at the Annual General Meeting 2013/2014 which was held in May 2013. The latest committee have devoted themselves to work well together with other team members.


                  There are currently around 80 active members that have registered with us since May 2013. The membership fee is $3 for first sign ups and $1 for renewal of membership. There are many priviledges and benefits upon joining the KUASA member. Some of the benefits are discounts on registration fees for our club activities, ‘members’ only’ invitations to our complimentary annual Grand Iftar and finally, other ‘members’ only’ activities.

                  USCA’s objective is to promote the uniqueness of diverse Malaysian cultures which many races and religions live together in peace and harmony. In order to achieve this aim, KUASA organizes numerous social, cultural, educational and sports events such as the UMNO SA Merdeka Raya,  Adelaide Kampung Day and many more. These events are not only to promote the Malaysian culture and diversity, but to also to build a greater friendship bond and harmony among the Malaysians in Adelaide.


“To strengthen the unity among Malaysians through social engagement”



To promote Malaysian culture to the wider community in South Australia.To cater for the welfare of Malaysian community especially the students.To provide networking opportunities within the Malaysian community in South Australia